Why We Do What We Do


My name is Zubaidah (or Zee for short) and I’m the writer behind the posts you see on the Art of Arabic.

The reason I started this blog was because, like most of you, I was desperately in search of information regarding Levantine Arabic on the web.


My Story

I arrived in Amman in September of 2012 armed only with a paltry command of Fus-ha Arabic, and within the first few days my (linguistic) butt was pretty much kicked to the curb as I went from place to place in a daze, realizing with a sinking feeling that absolutely no one was speaking in Fusha.

You know that feeling of foreboding doom you get when you realize that all the effort you’ve put into something might not have been as useful as you thought?

Yep, that’s exactly how I felt. Even a simple ride in a taxi or to the corner bodega proved to be a challenge as I struggled with simple everyday dialect phrases.

Desperate for quick answers, I turned to the web and found that most resources were weak, skimpy and disorganized. In general, not very useful.

So I thought to myself hey, why don’t I create a resource for other avid Fusha and dialect speakers like me?

And so after a year of being in Jordan, of continuously scouring the web for resources, taking Levantine classes and conversing with natives, the Art of Arabic was born.


Why The Art of Arabic?

We know that learning Arabic can sometimes be frustrating, depressing and some days it seems like you’re just never going to get there.

We know because just like you, we’ve been there.

Being non-native learners of Arabic ourselves, we feel that

1. We share your passion and enthusiasm for the beauty of the Arabic language and that should be encouraged by being around others who feel the same way.

2. We can empathize with your frustrations when it comes to complicated concepts and are here to let you know that you’re not alone.

3. We can give you a fresh perspective of looking at learning and neat tips and tricks that we’ve picked up to help you along the way.

4. We know a ton of great resources, books, videos, serials and schools that we’d be thrilled to share with you.

If you feel the same way we do, click here to join our community where we support and encourage each other to get closer towards our language goals.


This Brings Us To…

I don’t proclaim to be an expert by any means, in fact like most of you, I very much still consider myself a student in both Fusha and Levantine Arabic. There’s still loads for me to discover, even having spent 12 months in the Levant. But I wanted to share this journey alongside you because if what I learn ends up benefiting even another one of you out there, then even better.

Some of you will understand what I mean when I say that the feeling of being able to connect with someone in their everyday language is something that is truly amazing, genuine and special.

That drives me. That sense of connection, of building authentic bridges that transcend nationality, ethnicity, gender, international politics and religion. 

For others, don’t worry – we’re here to get you there.


So if I do make any mistakes along the way, let me know – I would be incredibly grateful for the advice and feedback. It is my dream to create a space for Levantine speakers where we can share each others’ information, mistakes, successes, tips and tricks to make learning easier for all of us.

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اهلا و سهلا,