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Hello fellow Arabic enthusiasts! اهلا و سهلا .

I set up this page because the problem I’ve found with too many blogs geared towards educational content is that it can be damn near impossible to navigate them.

There are no categories, things are arranged chronologically (which doesn’t help much) and you have to keep scrolling and scrolling and flipping from page to page endlessly in order to find what you’re looking for.

And the most frustrating thing is you can’t take a look at everything that’s available.

As such, here is your guide to using the site so that you can search for content quickly and easily, as and when you need to. I’ve arranged the posts by category and listed them out title by title so that you can

A. see exactly what’s on the Art of Arabic and

B. which category fits the information you’re looking for to increase the likelihood of finding it.

1. Levantine Building Blocks

Here are where you’ll find the basics and introduction to Levantine Arabic. You’ll find posts like why Levantine dialect even matters, basic question particles in Levantine Arabic, the most basic verbs, nouns and fillers and so on. I’d reckon this section is perhaps the most important section on the site, because it explains the fundamentals. Once you get a hold of these, the rest will be easier to learn.

2. Levantine Arabic Level Up *new*

We’ve just added this recently in order to differentiate between basic content, namely the content in Levantine Building Blocks and content that is slightly more advanced for those of you who have more experience with it.

However, for those who are still new, don’t feel intimidated – we still try to break these concepts down as simply as possible so that they’re easy to grasp for everyone.

3. Great Levantine Expressions

Here’s where you’ll find Arabic expressions that are commonly used in the Levant. Expressions form a huge part of the social fabric of everyday conversation and they are really useful to learn so that you know when to use them and how to respond when someone else does.

I usually break down the expressions word- for- word, go into what the expressions mean as a whole, how to use them, whether there are possible conjugations and so on and so forth.

4. Verb Conjuggles

Conjuggles, basically short for conjugations, are where I go into the nitty gritty in dealing with verbs in Levantine Arabic. For example, I list out how they change according to each pronoun, both in the past and present tense. I also include phonetic symbols so you have a better idea of how they should sound, and I try to include videos of native (or close to native) pronunciations to make it even clearer.

5. Neat Tips and Tricks

Here you’ll find techniques and strategies that will hopefully aid you in learning not just Arabic, but any other foreign language. I’ve used a lot of these personally, and believe that they work. Some of you may prefer to work differently, but I’d highly recommend checking this section out anyway to give you a fresh perspective on learning languages. This is also where I’ve gleaned useful resources from polyglots like Benny Lewis and Luca Lampariello and applied them to the Arabic language to make learning easier.

6. Tales to Resonate With

The point of this section to be a space for you to draw back the curtains and see exactly what goes on in the process of language learning. I’ve seen far too many people beat themselves up unnecessarily in learning Arabic and too often we see the finished, polished product but fail to see the amount of blood, sweat, tears (and laughs) that go along with the process.

So I included this section here most of all to tell you that you’re not alone in this. However difficult, long and challenging the road might seem (especially in Arabic), others have tread this path before and have made it to the other side, while others are alongside you and will be more than happy to lend you a helping hand.

In Conclusion

This may not be a perfect system, but I do genuinely think it is far more useful than just having a site listed by chronology. These categories are not the be all and end all of the site, we’ll keep adding them as we grow but we’ll just start with these for now.

If you have further suggestions on how to improve user-friendliness on the site, please feel free to let me know! I’d love to hear it. Drop me a note in the comments below or reach out to me at

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